The Sacred Ceiba Tree: Tree of Life for the Maya

Sacred ceiba tree of life, is concidered the world tree of Maya religion and cosmology.

Most civilizations of Mesoamerica show the spiny ceiba tree in their art: Mixtec, Aztec, Maya and other cultures. In most contexts it is clearly a sacred tree. There are plenty of ethnohistorical references to the ceiba tree as a giant tree upholding the world. In the picture above the Ceiba Tree is shown with a quartz crystal. This tree is said to be the mother guardian of the land surrounding the Rainforest Remedies Warehouse located on Arcos Eres Farm belonging to Eva and Toby Sengfeilder.  Abigail McClam has spent over 10 weeks in Belize working and studying with Arvigo Institute, Dr. Rosita Arvigo, and volunteering with Eva and Toby Sengfeilder to process and package Rainforest Remedies herbs.

Like other indigenous cultures from Alaska to Brazil, the Maya recognize and honor the sacred within all forms of life. Plants, trees, stones, animals, and humans are all sacred conveyors of chu’lel. Chu’lel is the Maya word that best translates as life force.

"Everything in creation is permeated with this chu’lel — a vibrant energy force that the Maya believe emanates from a divine spiritual source. The Maya see the entire cosmos as imbued with chu’lel — houses, mountains, springs, sacred places, the sky, the earth.”               - Dr. Rosita Arvigo.


Saving Plants that Heal People Since 1992

Rainforest Remedies is the line of traditional herbal and topical healing products formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo based on her work with Don Elijio Panti in Belize.

Don Elijio as a traditional Maya healer introduced Dr. Arvigo to the healing herbs and topical treatments  used for centuries by traditional Maya healers in Central America. Dr. Arvigo combined the knowledge Don Elijio shared with her during her 13 year apprenticeship and her physician understanding of human physiology to formulate a set of remedies which address many of the common ailments addressed by Don Elijio in his traditional practice. The Rainforest Remedies line also includes products which support both the physical and spiritual healing process of the Maya.

These formulations are based on many years of traditional use and wisdom, individual use, and client experience. Dr. Rosita Arvigo and Arvigo Practitioners all over the world work with these formulas for more than 20 years with great success. Some of the plants have been researched by the New York Botanical Gardens in New York City and Kew Gardens in London, England.


Abigail McClam's Experice with Rainforest Remedies 

In working with Rainforest Remedies in an intensive volunteer based herbal study, Abigail McClam has lived and worked together in a hands-on training with both Dr. Rosita Arvigo and Eva and Toby Sengfelder, owners of Rainforest Remedies.  Together she learned ancient methods and modern techniques for drying rainforest plants and barks, packaging/blending herbs, formulations for dried herbal teas and the cultivation of herbal tinctures.  She has helped in the crafting of the Herbal Trail on the Rainforest Remedies Farm by helping to categorize the scientific names and common names of medicinal plants found on the property and used in Rainforest Remedies.  Her knowledge of botanical medicine and herbal formulations continues to grow as she furthers her studies with Rainforest Remedies and botanical medicine.  Stay tuned for future collaborations and explorations of medicinal plant medicine with the Rainforest Remedies program!

Arvigo Therapy in Belize for Mind, Body, + Spirit

Abigail McClam has studied with the Arvigo Institute since 2016. She completed her Advanced Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® Certification a.k.a. Advanced Clinical Practice, a non-invasive, external, massage technique, while studying in Belize with Dr. Rosita Arvigo and assisting Professors. She has also completed both Arvigo Traditional Maya Healing Approaches for Body, Mind Spirit® Introductory Course and Advanced Course.  Abigail is now a proud assistant of two Traditional Maya Healing Introductory courses held in San Ignancio Belize and Des Moines, New Mexico in 2018.  She plans to continue her study in Belize on the Teacher Training program for Maya Spiritual Healing.