Custom Designed 100% Natural Materials. Made from Cedar + Spanish Maple for their beauty + Medicinal Properties. Available for Purchase!

Custom Designed 100% Natural Materials. Made from Cedar + Spanish Maple for their beauty + Medicinal Properties. Available for Purchase!

V-Steam or Peristeam Hydro-Therapy 

Vaginal Steams, known as "Bajos" in Mayan tradition, is an ancient global practice for cleansing, healing, & nurturing the woman's reproductive system.

A brief consultation with your practitioner helps guide the session to best support your unique womb.  After consultation, a simple explanation of the steam sauna, organic yoni steam herb selection, and peaceful 20-30minute steam sauna meditation experience is provided.  

The application of gentle warm steam and organic herbs are used to assist in the cleansing of the uterus for the treatment of numerous female symptoms.  The warm herbal steam penetrates the delicate vulva, perineum, vaginal canal, cervix & uterus for an effective yet gentle womb cleansing process.  Our custom designed Lotus y Luna Yoni Steam Sauna is 100% Natural Cedar + Birch Wood.  Lotus y Luna Organic Herbs are chosen based on your unique female symptoms. 


Lotus Yoni Steam


Vaginal steaming is a universal practice without any one clear place of origin.

It appears to be a practice that women everywhere developed for the purpose of postpartum care and treating gynecological concerns. From Ancient Egypt, Babylonia, Mesopotomia, Aztec Empire and Mayan Empire the list goes on...

What is vaginal steaming used for?

Most commonly, vaginal steaming is used by midwives for postpartum care right after a woman has a baby.

Vaginal steaming is also used as a hygenic post-period practice to get any left-over blood out of the vaginal tract once the period is over.

Lastly, vaginal steaming is used to treat gynecological problems. Cramps, trouble conceiving, infections, fibroids, cysts, dryness...vaginal steaming helps to naturally get rid of the problem.

From the first period to post-menopause, it is an important tool for self-care.

Does It Really Work?

According to various case studies, vaginal steaming appears to improve symptoms in over 90% of all gynecological problems and shows tremendous potential as an alternative to invasive medical procedures.

There's clear reason why women everywhere have used it for thousands of years. There's nothing that compares to it.

One thing is evident--vaginal steaming doesn't hurt, and--if it does work in a specific case--it's a really good alternative to surgery and artificial hormones. For most, it is practical and affordable to give it a try.

What Does It Feel Like?

You know the feeling you have after a hot shower or bath?

Your female organs feel like that.

Ready to Try It?

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