Mexico to Charleston. The Roots.

Huatulco, Mexico is the second home to Abigail McClam's family.  Her travels have lead her throughout Mexico in studies, teachings, and retreats.  You will find the Roots of her practice cary the heart of Mexican culture and ritual. In Cacao Ceremonies, Maya Abdominal Massage to continued education, Abigail strives to bring back with her the healing traditions, wisdoms, and rituals of Mexico to share with her Charleston community with each visit.  You may connect to Mexico with Abigail in her monthly offerings of Meditations, Tea + Talks, and Workshops at Lotus Healing Center, 232 Ashley Avenue, Suit A, downtown Charleston, SC.


Healing Hands: An Indiginous Apporach to Medicine.

From sharing infant massage and therapeutic massage training to studying plant medicine with herbal healers in Mexico, Abigail has had extrodinary oportunities to share her knowledge of therapeutic bodywork, massage, and herbal medicine while learning along side incredible traditional healers throughout the Oaxaca area of Mexico.  Abigail plans to continue her passion for indiginous healing methods, ritual pracitice of Temexcal, and ethnobotany study in 2018 with further Maya Medicine reseach, course work, and practice in Oaxaca region of Mexico.  


Cacao Ceremony featuring Chocolate from Mexico

Chocolate. Not just a delicious treat. The roots of this sacred food are Maya and involve the cultivation of Cacao, a small fermented bean indigenous to Central and South America.  Abigail has studied with Maya healers in Belize, Guatemala + Mexico on the cultivation, practice, and ritual behind Cacao.  She now offers Cacao Ceremonies to her local Charleston, SC community at Lotus Healing Center as a way to connect Ritual to Conscious Culture.  Her intention is to share this heart-centered practice of drinking Cacao (chocolate) with individuals while teaching the important history behind this delicious sacred food we all know as Chocolate.  All Cacao is sourced from family run farms. All Chocolate is made by hand using organic ingredients that remain true to indigenous roots. 


To Market to Market: Mexico Meets Charleston

Mexico Markets offer beautiful assortmants of hand made ceramics, carved wooden bowls, fruits, veggies, flowers, grains, herbs, spices and so much more. The sights, sounds, and smells fill the senses in an extrodinary experience.  Its one of Abigail's favorite past times in her Mexico visits.  She brings back with her each annual trip since 2007 a peice of Mexico to share in her community in her holistic massage practice and healing center.  In downtown Charleston you will find the Lotus Healing Center wherel a beautiful selection of Mexican gifts, potery, clothing, and medicinal herbs are curated in the Lotus boutique.  Pop-up shops are heald seasonaly and don't miss the Dia de Los Muertos Altar each October where Mexico tradition meets local Charleston corner for heartfilled connection as we honor ancestors and beloveds.