Comprehensive Self-Care Centered Bodywork for All Ages

Arvigo® Therapy is unique in that it combines compreshensive therapuetic bodywork with self-care centered practices to empower individuals to take care of themselves, connect to their body, and explore their connection between mind-body and spirit with tangible skills and hands-on practices that are easy to do at home.

The Maya recognize diseases of the spirit, as well as, the body as equally important to consider when treating the individual. The spiritual and physical causes of illness are directly connected to how the physcial stores emotional stress and fights illness. Our therapuetic bodywork practice, Arvigo Therapy of Charlston, addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of the individual in such a way as to return to vitality, peace and well-being.  Step. By Step. We help you learn, heal, and grow.



Arvigo® Therapy helps indiviudals understand how their emotions, thoughts, feelings are stored in the body and can create symptoms, dis-ease, and illness. Our mental emotional body helps us cognitively relate to the world around us. What we think or experience day to day or in trauma ultimately gets stored in our "tissues" or body. Its important to learn how to release our emotional experiences or stressors in a healthy way so we create better hamony and balance in our mind. 



Arvigo® Therapy teaches you how to connect to your abdomen - where your most vital organs reside. Self-care Massage is a home based practices that supports the digestive and repoductive systems. By physcially touching the body with theraputic massage we are able to bettwe understand the comings and goings of our symtoms, or body's language, for creating healthier lifestyles and stress management. 



Arvigo® Therapy provides a non-denominational look at our own spiritual connection to Self. The Maya belived that we are ALL connected to nature and that our Spirit resides within the universal understanding of oneness.  This Spirit can be seen or experienced in connection to our breath, to plants, to water, and to the lunar (moon) cycles.  All spiritual practices in Arivgo® Therapy encourage you to bring your unique connection to Spirit, God, Higher Self, Angels or other source energy into your self-care practice or maya spiritual bathing experience.