Arvigo® for Early Ages

Parents provide "belly massage" for infants to alleviate digestive discomfort, boost bonding, and promote early childhood development. 

Parents learn how to educate their older children on how to do Self-Care Abdominal massage at home. It is a wonderful before bedtime ritual or morning rise and shine task to start the day.  Children learn how to self sooth belly upsets and emotions through easy to follow directions.

This technique helps Parents and caretakers to build healthy connections, aid in childhood digestion, stress reduction, and growing pain discomforts.  The child benefits by having self-care tools to help them relax for better sleep while they also cultivate a healthy connection to their own changing body.


Baby Belly Massage

Arvigo® Therapy supports building belly and immune system health in early childhood development.

Initial Session + Parent Instruction + Take Home Guide = $60 / 50min Session


Girls Age Pre-Teen 9 to 18...

Empower Your Pre-Teen - Teenage Girl with tools to creating a positive body image and connection.  Arvigo® Therapy helps girls transition into their Menstruation Cycle with less pain, upset, and discomforts by teaching them skills to support their transition into womanhood.  

Parents are asked to take part in supporting the process by also learning the abdominal techniques. Together, parents help guide their developing young woman with tools designed for home based self-care practice. 

Initial Consult + Session + Self-Care Guide: $110/90min Session - Follow Up $60/60min

Boys Age Pre-Teen 5 to 15 Early-Teen

Arvigo® Therapy helps young boys boost their immunity and belly health, calm the central nervous system for better focus, and aid in stoping bed-wetting with self-care centered parent guided massage.

Initial Consult + Session + Self-Care Guide: $80/75min Session - Follow Up $60/50min