Botanical Medicine + Rainforest Remedies

"Give Nature half a chance and she has a miracle in store for everyone."

- Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN 

Merigods The Sacred flower of the maya goddess Ix Chel 

Merigods The Sacred flower of the maya goddess Ix Chel 

Rainforest Remedies as formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo

Rainforest Remedies is the line of traditional herbal and topical healing products formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo based on her work with Don Elijio Panti in Belize. Don Elijio as a traditional Maya healer introduced Dr. Arvigo to the healing herbs and topical treatments used for centuries by traditional Maya healers in Central America. Dr. Arvigo combined the knowledge Don Elijio shared with her and her physician understanding of human physiology to formulate a set of remedies which address many of the common ailments addressed by Don Elijio in his traditional practice. The Rainforest Remedies line also includes products which support both the physical and spiritual healing process of the Maya.

Rainforest Remedies are time-tested, traditional formulations of botanical rainforest medicine that are proven to help enhance individual health and vitality.  Often used to support children, women & men's reproductive and digestive health, individuals will experience one or more of these botanical tonics, body care products & simple self-care practices in their initial session.

During your consultation your Arvigo practitioner will share information based on centuries of traditional use, personal experience, scientific results & studies.  Together you will choose the best supportive modality and/or Rainforest Remedy (Tonic, Body Oil, Salve or Balm) to benefit your health.

* Includes 1 take home sample Rainforest Remedy

** Rainforest Remedies Products sold separately.


yoni Steam herbs are 100% organic custom blended for your needs

yoni Steam herbs are 100% organic custom blended for your needs

Lotus y Luna Vaginal Steam Herbs + Products

Lotus y Luna is the line of organic herbal teas, yoni steam herbs, and topical healing products formulated to support Women's Womb Health. 

A brief consultation with your practitioner helps guide the session to best support your unique womb health.  After consultation, a simple explanation of the organic yoni steam herb selection,  supporitng tea, or topical herbal product is provided. 

We also offer our custom designed Lotus y Luna Yoni Steam Sauna for purchase. It is made of 100% Natural Cedar + Birch Wood and natural sealants.  Take the is a one of a kind Organic Lotus Yoni Steam experience of therapeutic relaxation in the privacy of your own home with a Lotus Yoni Sauna Steam Kit!


Walflower Power!

Wallflower Botanical Medicine is a sister company to Lotus Healing Center + City Roots Urban Organic Farm.  Founder and Director, Abigail McClam's family run farm offers a fresh local supply of hand picked flowers + herbs used in the custom creative potions, teas, salt soaks, flower essences, and herbal tinctures found in her Wallflower Botanical Medicine line of products.

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